Map of Italian Wine Regions and Grapes

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Sometimes it helps to get a bigger picture of the winescape to orient yourself. In a country with hundreds, maybe thousands, of grape varieties, that's especially true for Italy!

Start with Piemonte and work your way down the boot.

This map from Wine Folly shows some of the most important grape varieties from each region of Italy. Italy's 350 DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origins) grapes aren't all represented, let alone the possibly thousands of other grapes that Italy uses to vinify into wine, but it's definitely a helpful and quick reference for the big grapes out there.

Italian wine regions map

And don't forget! These are just the grapes. The wines that come from them are an entirely new category. Under Piedmont, for example, Nebbiolo becomes Barbaresco, Barolo, Boca, Ghemme...

Have fun exploring!

Map by Madeline Puckett is also available for purchase as a poster on Wine Folly.

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