The First Alba Winery Guide is Published

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Guide to the Wineries of Alba Guide to the Wineries of Alba

The first initiative of the new Association of the Wineries of Alba (Associazione Cantine di Alba), created with the collaboration of the City of Alba and the Board of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, has created the first winery guide of the area. It promises to be a useful and much-needed instrument for getting to know the wine of Alba and its winemakers.

The first Winery Guide of Alba was created to map the viticultural heritage of the territory and to tell its story through the best narrators there are: its winemakers. 

On Sunday, October 25 at the Room of Resistance in Alba, the first edition of the Guide to the Wineries of Alba (Guida alle cantine di Alba) was presented to the press and public. It is curated by the new Association of the Wineries of Alba, whose president Vittorio Adriano and vice president Roberto Abellonio aim to gather the 29 producer members and promote their work. 

Published through the collaboration of the Association of the Wineries of Alba with the Board of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba and the City of Alba, the guide's goal is to include the many producers of this Langhe capital under one banner. In doing so, they strive to create a unity of winemakers that is taking its first step towards collaborative promotion in the long term. Over 850 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in the township of Alba, with a production that exceeds 7 million bottles. 

Logo Guida alle Cantine di Alba

The guide is printed by Jmarketing Srl in an easy-to-read format, translated in English, and printed in color. Each producer gets four pages of space for helpful information and vivid photographs. The aim, however, is to go beyond the written page and encourage visits and real contact, direct from producer to consumer.

To help with visiting the wineries, the guide includes coupons that can be used for free wine tastings. How do they work? It's simple. By purchasing the guide, every wine lover gets three coupons that are valid among all the producers in the book. Choose the producer, reserve a visit, and present the original coupon for your free wine tasting.

The guide book will be available throughout the Langhe (it can be found in welcome centers and other touristic offices, restaurants, hotels, and wine bars), as well as on the Kindle Store on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, and Google Play Store. The e-book will also be available on Nokia Reading, LaFeltrinelli, Libreria Rizzoli,, and

Finally, the Guide will be available as Print-on-Demand on the national level. In over four thousand Italian bookstores (among which, all Mondadori stores), it will be on display for purchase, readily available and at no extra cost. 

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