On the roof of Monferrato

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Strap on comfortable shoes and a backpack for a hike that shows you the charming countryside at its most beautiful panoramic point in the small town of Strevi. For the more energetic, prolong the course until you reach Borgo Monterosso for a visit to the splendid Villa Ottolenghi.

Visualizza Sul tetto del Monferrato in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Equip your backpack with the necessary provisions for a nice day hiking, and depart from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Strevi. We suggest dropping by the bakery Il Forno, where you can taste an array of the store’s specialties: amaretti, the torrone nougat, and canestrelli al moscato cookies. Il Forno is in front of the buildings of the Marenco winery, which is famous for its Passito di Dolcetto. In addition to its excellent wines, the winery has a room dedicated to farmer culture, where a catalogue of objects, relics, documents, and work tools from before the 20th century are on display. If you're interested in visiting, you’ll find yourself stepping back in time to when wine was sold in barrels, marriage engagements were arranged in writing, and grapes were cultivated exclusively by hand.

The route begins to the side of the winery. It leads up to the Pineto Chapel that’s sheltered by hills with a view of the vineyards, a sight that’s more beautiful than any postcard. The path is marked with a purple circle and indicated as Tourist Route n.3. It is quite straightforward to follow—as easy as drinking a glass of Moscato!

The very first part of the walk is, however, a little difficult. Head uphill on a cobblestone path and follow an old road that connects Acqui Terme to Monterosso. As you ascend, the chapel comes into view. Once you’ve arrived at the top, enjoy the view of the surrounding hills that are covered in well-tended vines arranged in an amphitheater, embraced by the Langhe valley. The trail is unique: to the south in high relief against the backdrop of the sky is the Ligurian Apennines mountain range. The land spread out before you grows with chestnuts, mushrooms, and enchanting forests. To the north is the Monferrato, almost entirely cultivated with vines.

In the area next to the small church, make yourself comfortable and settle in for lunch with bread and wine, as the farmers once did in the past (and a treat from Il Forno if you picked one up). There's a water fountain nearby by to quench your thirst.

Next, head into the vineyards of Dolcetto, Moscato, and Brachetto. The little purple circle is still your faithful guide as well as a guarantee for more unforgettable views.

If you're feeling fit and adventurous, continue towards Borgo Monterosso where it’s worth a visit to Villa Ottolenghi, a triumph of architecture planned by artists like Marcello Piacentini, Arturo Martini, Fortunato Depero, and Venanzo Crocetti. The villa hosts important cultural events and a wine cellar, where you may taste and buy wines from the estate Vittoria. Even the cantina is a work of art: basalt pavement, stone walls, and majestic doors made by master architect Fabbri Ferrari make up the structure.

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