The royal wine road

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The Canavese territory holds a wealth of natural and cultural treasures. Discover them with an itinerary that goes from Ivrea to the Aosta Valley, including castles, gastronomy, wine, history, and beautiful pathways.

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This course begins in Carema and finishes in Caravino, passing by Ivrea. It's just one section of the Royal Wine Road of Turin that curves through over 600 km (373 mi) and four Canavese zones, from the Turin Hills to Pinerolo and Vale Susa, hitting each of the 25 DOC wines produced from 11 vines of the zones.

From Carema take State Road 26 towards Ivrea. Before approaching the capital of the Canavese area, stop off at the Castle of Montalto Dora, dating back to the mid-12th century, today a private property. This impressive manor functioned as a guard post along the road towards Aosta Valley, and over the course of centuries has suffered multiple attacks, such as the French troops in the war against the Savoys. On the second Sunday of November in Montalto, the Festival of Savoy Cabbage is held, celebrating the plant that is used all over Canavese for dishes like the popular soup 'd pan e còj (bread and cabbage soup) or as an accompaniment for the garlicky, buttery bagna càuda dip.

After Montaldo, turn onto the street towards the lakes of Ivrea. The surrounding parks are equipped for excursions on foot and mountain bike, and the beauty of the place deserves an entire day dedicated to exploring its untouched forested areas.

If you decide to continue, stop at the main town of the zone: Ivrea, of Roman foundations. Ivrea has weaved its history together with that of the Olivetti family and its great industry in writing machines and computers. Following the decline of this once dominating industry, the city is in search of a new identity based on its cultural offerings. Don't miss the Duomo in Piazza Castello with its sarcophagus of Caio Atecio Valeri, a quaestor, or magistrate, from the second half of the first century AD. From a historical point of view, the numerous bridges that stretch across the Dora Baltea are interesting. But, what really attracts people to Ivrea is the Carnival and its rollicking Battle of Oranges.

The road that runs by the manors of the Savoy family continues towards Pavone Canavese a few miles southwest in the direction of Turin. Here is the Castle of Pavone, one of the most beautiful castles in Italy: its surrounding walls, dungeon tower, and chapel date back to the 10th century. The castle was restored at the end of the 1800s by the celebrated architect Alredo d'Andrade, and today houses a restaurant and luxury hotel.

The trip ends at the Castle of Masino with a visit to its beautiful 18th century stables and Museum of Carriages. Arrive in Masino by following the road towards Caravino. This medieval castle was reconstructed as an aristocratic residence in the 1600s, and today is owned by the Valperga family, whose ancient ancestor was King Aruino.

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