24 Hours in the Langhe

The Langhe is a magical paradise of undulating hills, elegant red wines and treasured truffles. The Bassa Langa (at a lower elevation) is known for its acclaimed Barolo and Barbaresco vineyard sites and the charming town of Alba. Although it merits much more than a day trip, it is possible to get a quick “taste” in just 24 hours. Here it goes!


Seven Tips for Piemonte Wine Travel

So, you want to do some Piemonte wine travel? Well, you are in for a treat. From the rolling Langhe hills to the rich, savory red wines the region offers, an Italian wine travel experience is unlike any other. To the uninitiated, a Piemonte wine adventure can be intimidating, but once you have these basic tips down, you’ll feel ready to conquer wine country.


Ascheri, a mix of tradition and innovation

At Borgo Ascheri in Bra, 360 degrees of hospitality

In the heart of the Roero is the city of Bra, the Zizzola monument sitting in its courtyard on a hill overlooking the city. In the center of this town, the warm and welcoming hotel Borgo Ascheri affords its guests every degree of comfort. Here, find consistent high quality from the wine cellar and the osteria to the lodgings and every detail of “project hospitality.” The family spirit is practically tangible in this hotel that gives tourists an unforgettable experience.


Regional Wine Shop of Mango, the aromas of Moscato

From its beginnings with just 20-some members, today the Regional Wine Shop 'the Hills of Moscato' gathers the wine production of almost 100 wine makers in the zone, coming from three provinces – Cuneo, Asti, and Alessandria – for a total of 52 municipalities.

The castle’s winehouse is a great treasure chest that contains all the beauty and uniqueness of the Langhe Moscato. It’s a prestigious showcase for producers from 52 different communities, many of them small companies that produce this king of sweet wines. But overall, the winehouse is a place for humanity and culture – truly one-of-a-kind. After visiting Mango and its Enoteca, we understood what it meant to love your land and value its products"


Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato on the Olympus of UNESCO

Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato candidates for UNESCO World Heritage sites

The pyramids of Egypt and the Australian Great Barrier Reef; the Baroque cathedrals of Latin America and the Great Wall of China – hopefully, a new name will be added to this eminent list: the viticultural countryside of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato. The extraordinary beauty of the vineyard-covered hills of Lower Piedmont, in fact, may soon be included among the marvels of the UNESCO, the international organization of the United Nations whose principle mission is to identify, protect, and safeguard the great natural wonders and cultural heritages of the earth so that future generations may enjoy them.


Monforte d'Alba, luxury accommodation in the Langhe

Ferruccio Ribezzo serves up excellence in Monforte d’Alba

"To do something good in life, you've got to do what you love, otherwise you'll do everything without a soul. This is both a secret and a recipe." So goes the philosophy of Ferruccio Ribezzo's work, a name in the Langhe that is synonymous with high quality gastronomic production and tourist accommodation. From the Antica Dispensa to the vinegar factory (acetaia) at Monforte Acerba, from Hotel Villa Beccaris to Palazzo Martinengo, Monforte d'Alba is not lacking in choices of luxury travel accommodation.


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