Wine and Photography: Four Tips for Better Food & Wine Photos on Your Smartphone

Your friends and family might know you as that one, the foodie or wine lover who always whips out your cellphone right when everyone else's forks are hovered above their plates. There is nothing wrong with capturing that perfect dish and wine pairing – in fact, we encourage it! Jeff Burrows of Food Wine Click shares four tips on how to make your cellphone shot better.


From Grapevines to Forest: 5 Hikes to Enjoy Autumn Colors in Piemonte

Piemonte has one of Italy’s most varied landscapes: from Alpine foothills to acres of vineyards, from thick forests to fields of rice paddies, they are all a showcase of bright colors in the autumn. Walks and hikes are the best way to enjoy the reds and golden yellows of the season, so we’ve prepared five hikes that explore five different wine zones. And of course, we didn't forget to recommend a local wine to stash in your backpack.


The Barolo Boys starring in “Fantasy Eno-Football”

As Italy is known as the only country in the world with 50 million coaches, we at Wine Pass couldn’t permit ourselves to sit the bench. We took liberties with traditional coaching, however, as soccer is not the most practiced sport in the editing department, and instead had fun exchanging glasses of wine and choosing the right “players” we’d like to bring to our hypothetical National Barolo Cup! 


What is mimetic architecture? A look at Barolo's new style

Greener, better, and more beautiful. The wineries of the Langhe have transformed over time, abandoning their old facades to embrace newer, bolder forms that fold into the surrounding countryside. Here are the newest houses of wine that follow the sinuous tracks of the hills and round off the sharp angles of ancient farmhouses once held by estate owners of another era.


Form and Content, when wine meets design

Wine is a captivating mix of color, aroma, flavor, and a certain, poetic nuance. One intrinsic characteristic that wine is lacking, however, is form. The necessity of conserving intact all the qualities of this precious nectar so that it could be comfortably transported for distribution and commercialization presented a dilemma since the dawn of time for wine producers who needed to give wine a practical, physical dimension. This dilemma resolved, the market and wine’s widespread diffusion have demanded that new questions be answered, that of product communication. The end goal has always been the same: to win the trust and loyalty of the consumer.


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