On the Terrace of the Langhe

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To appreciate the rolling hills where the king of Italian wines was born, we suggest taking a very simple route that connects Barolo to the nearby hilltop town of La Morra. This itinerary, full of photo opportunities as you travel through some of the best-tended and prestigious vineyards in the world, can easily and enjoyably be done on foot.

Visualizza Da Barolo a La Morra in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Departing from Piazza Cabutto at the northern end of Barolo, leave this small wine town and go in the direction of Alba along the country road. Arrive at a small round-about that defines Barolo from Borgata S. Lorenzo. Take the right towards Ballo Grinzane, and after 100 meters you will see a small road to your left, sloping down towards the vineyards. This is Via Bergesia, where your panoramic walk begins. At the beginning, the hedge you’re skirting will be in the way of a beautiful view until a bit further along when, suddenly, the horizon opens up to showcase the natural amphitheater that is the landscape between Barolo and La Morra. La Morra is visible high up at the other end of the vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see, rolling down from the crest of the hills and separated at intervals by dusty roads and trails.

Descend until the farmhouse (cascina) Sarmassa, following along until you come to a fork in the road. Continue straight towards La Morra. Flank the farmhouse Merenda until you reach Borgata Cerequio, a small village that was witness to a sad scene during World War II when, on August 29, 1944, eighteen Partisans captured by the opposing Republican Party were executed by a firing squad in the courtyard of the farmhouse Averame. Today, you will find a memorial stone in place.

From here, the road ascends towards the splendid setting of La Morra, one of the fundamental zones of the Barolo DOCG wine and known for this privileged position. Continue in a straight line, keeping La Morra in sight. You’ll reach Via Roma; take a right and walk until Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, where you may want to take a break at Vinbar and accompany a sip of local wine with a small aperitivo, the Italian “happy hour.” From here, follow Via Roma until you see Ristorante dell’Angolo. Climb up until you reach the view, a broad balcony overlooking a green expanse of the Piedmont valley. From this vantage point, admire almost the entire expanse of the Alba Langa, the farms, the tidy vineyards with some of Italy’s best grapes, and the trails and roads. Don’t miss another great view from the bell tower, which is 31 meters tall (101 ft) with a square base and divided into five floors.

Feel free to lose your way as you traverse the lovely roads of this town, perhaps in search of a hot plate of food at an osteria after your walk. Here in the heart of the Langhe, it won’t be difficult to fill your belly and satisfy your palate.

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