5 Lunch Spots for Wine & Food in Alba, Purely Piemontese

Located in the Langhe and nestled between the wine zones of Barolo, Barbaresco, and the Roero, Alba is a popular tourist destination for wine and food lovers. Its population swells to several times its size in the fall, when the grape harvest is underway and the White Truffle Fair attracts thousands of international travelers. The town boasts many excellent eateries, and here we highlight some of Alba's best spots to sample the local food and, of course, enjoy the wine.


10 Unexpected Adventures in the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato

Piemonte has an adventure for everybody, from fine wine lovers and foodies to outdoorsmen and quirky curiosity-seekers. This list of ten things to do in the UNESCO World Heritage lands of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato takes you off the beaten tourist path (which, in Piemonte, is still relatively and happily untrodden). It goes a bit beyond the classic and much-loved wine tastings, dinner spreads, and vineyard walks to bring you recommendations from locals and tips extracted from our own archives. But don’t worry; we didn’t completely leave out the food and wine.


A bottle from the past: What are the best historical wine shops in Turin?

Where to buy wine in Turin, with vast selections of bottles by famous producers and small family wineries, in historical locales that feel like stepping into the past

If you're interested in launching yourself into the discovery of Piemontese wines, Turin is an ideal city to use as a starting point. Rich with wine shops and wine bars, or enoteche, here are some of the most intriguing and historical locales where wines are encased in atmospheres that echo with the past. If you follow this list in order, then it becomes an enoteca-itinerary. We suggest you start at Porta Susa, one of the city's two main train stations (the other being Porta Nuova) and stopping point of the shuttle service between Caselle Torinese international airport and the city center. From the station you can easily reach Piazza Statuto on foot, an intriguing square full of dark legends like the obelisk and its entry point to hell directly underneath.


Blue waves in green hills: the best public pools in the Langhe and Roero

Beat the heat in the Langhe and Roero with the best pools hidden away in the rows of vineyards: Take a dip, revive your body and spirit, and indulge in some tasty treats

The climate of the Langhe and the Roero in the summer can reach blazing hot temperatures. It's the perfect weather for maturing grapes to turn rays of sunshine into bottles of wine, but it's decidedly muggy for visitors and inhabitants of the zone. There could be nothing better than a hideaway crystalline pool among the rows of vineyards. And here in the heart of wine country, don't expect sticky cocktails and stale potato chips served poolside, but wines and regional delicacies that will truly let you submerge yourself in the culture and cuisine of the area. The pools that we've chosen are all open to the public and set amongst the green vineyards of the Piemontese hills. Don't forget to call and reserve a spot if you plan swimming on the weekend, days when the relaxation and cool relief of a pool are especially sought after.


Before and after dinner: Five wine bars of Barolo you can't miss

Where to taste wine and eat when the wineries close for the evening?

Travelers who have visited the zone of Barolo know that wineries close up shop after 5:00 pm. We've done our rounds and found what we think are some of the best locales for tasting a nice glass of wine before, after, and evening during dinnertime. Our selection is tailored for those seeking wine bars that have a varied wine list with local producers; are lesser-known; serve excellent Piedmontese food; and have a pleasant atmosphere. Try these wine bars and let us know your favorite--from our list, or from your own experience!


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