"Are you a Wine Lover?" Find your photo

Hundreds of wine lovers came by the Wine Pass stand during the first two weekends of the the International White Truffle Fair of Alba. We talked to them about wine, Piemonte, tourism, food and wine tourism, wineries, and events. And, we took quite a few photos of the people (and dogs) we met! The passion for wine is something to be shared.   Search here for your photo among the many wine lovers we talked to, and begin your journey into wine with Wine Pass!


And the "Wine Moments" Photo Contest Winner is...

The Contestgram community has crowned Sophie (XOR13) as the queen of Wine Moments! Sophie won the first Wine Pass photo contest for the best photos taken in company with a glass (or a bottle) of wine. We extend our congratulations to the winner, who will also receive a bottle of Barolo Riserva 2006.



The Wine Pass Project

Perhaps there was no one who felt the lack of a wine publication -- of those, there are many -- but not a few lamented the poor communications or, even more, that our great Piedmontese wine heritage and all its territories weren't "put on line." We did it. We gathered the competence and enthusiasm of many into one place, believing that wine, in and of itself, is more than its simple ingredients, but is overall historical, cultural, and emotional. All that wine offers and is justifies a stronger communication that brings it closer to people, creating a new and knowledgable culture around it.

Knowing wine involves a curiosity and understanding of its nuances, from its color and aroma to its taste and price. And of course, it means being open to the pleasures and plain fun of a relaxing day touring wine regions in hills and vineyards with friends and family.

Piedmont is a region with a lot to offer a tourist, and its food and wine products uniquely characterize its diverse areas--so diverse that wine is the only element that is diffused throughout the entire region. The Langhe, Roero, Monferrato Astigiano and Casalese, Acquese and Ovadese, Tortonese and Alessandrino, Torinese, and the Northern provinces evoke, by name alone, the viticultural vocation in one of its most famous and well-known areas.

The intent of Wine Pass is none other than to provide a series of helpful suggestions to the wine tourist in an innovative way through print, online, and on mobile devices – all of which are connected. The QR Code on the print version will take you straight to our website, full of news, more articles on wine and wineries, photo galleries, interviews, and videos. The smart phone and tablet versions of offer the user social interaction as well the possibility to save your searches and construct personalized courses, thanks to the integration of geo-referencing systems.

These technologies represent a key of access – a “pass” - to the territory and all of its charms (wineries, traditional food products, hotels, restaurants, museums, trails, scenic overlooks, monuments, castles, and more) for all of us wine lovers – and we're a group that keeps growing. This pass offers the possibility to trace all the information and itineraries we're constantly updating and collecting for you to use in a simple, quick way on the go.


Welcome to Wine Pass, and buon viaggio!


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