Now's the time to share your #WineMoment: Wine Pass's photo contest

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Photo Courtesy of annarenard Photo Courtesy of annarenard

On October 6, the Wine Moments photo contest ends and on October 14 everybody will know the Winner. Keep sending in your photos for your chance to win some great prizes and recognition!

How close are you to a bottle of Barolo Riserva 2006? One and a half weeks, to be exact, when we announce the grand winner of the #WinePass photo contest that celebrates your best #WineMoments.

Il Premio per il Vincitore

But there won't be just one winner. The top five finalists will receive a Crumpled Map, that waterproof, fold-able, basically indestructible map that Wine Pass has used for the wine zones of Barolo and Barbaresco. Wineries and relevant information such as visits, tastings, and sales are indicated on this indispensable tool for wine lovers (also available for purchase on our site).

La Crumpled Map del Barolo&Barbaresco

Crumpled Map

But there are so many great photos that record awesome wine moments; we can't let the awards stop there! A group of the very top, most artistic, creative, wine-y moments will be displayed in the Castle of Barolo wine, the Wine Museum (or WiMu) for thousands of visitors to see in a special exhibition.

We've received almost 750 photos, an amazing outpouring of Wine Moments that wine lovers all over the world have wanted to capture and share. But we want even more -- can we make it to a thousand? Don't forget: all you've got to do is tag your Instagram photo with #WinePass.

Don't hold back - we want all of your Wine Moments! And, most importantly, don't forget to enjoy that glass of wine to the last drop. Find the Rules and Regulations here.



Wine Pass Piemonte is a compass for wine lovers to discover the best of Italy's celebrated wine region, winery by winery, itinerary by itinerary. We pay particular attention to the culture, personalities, wine cities, and wine and food events in the wine zones. Wine Pass is the first magazine expressly made with wine tourists in mind. Check out our site for articles, interviews, news, itineraries, maps, events, and suggestions for fully enjoying your wine travels, updated weekly.  


What's Contestgram? Contestgram is an App for finding and participating in photo contests on Instagram. All you need to do is log in with your Instagram account in order to participate. You can enter your photos in contests by tagging them with the given hashtag while in the Contestgram App, or directly on Instagram. It's fun, easy, and free.


Palladino Winery is a historic company in Serralunga d'Alba, located in the heart of the Barolo wine zone. Casa Palladino is located in the historical town center itself, where wine and life form an easy balance. Its history runs deep and goes back centuries: On the outer wall of the building is a plaque inscribed with the date 1870 and a story of a legacy of 80 thousand lire (the equivalent of about $55), money that was used for the production of wine. In 1974, the cellars were bought by the Palladino cousins who, after reconstruction in 1978, began producing wine to be bottled. Their philosophy is based on respect for the vineyards, which are worked manually according to tradition. They pay great attention to detail in order to bring a healthy, high quality product to the cellars, where the grapes are then treated used minimal invasive technology. Over the years, this philosophy has allowed Palladino Winery to successfully sell its wines, for the most part on the international market.  


The Wine Museum is located in the magnificent Falletti Castle in the town of Barolo. The Barolo&Castles Foundation takes care of hospitality services and modern, efficient management of the museum and castle. With the aim of appreciation of the multimedia and historical museum, they hold events, thematic visits, scholastic initiatives, and other events for wine lovers and



Tonki was created by for printing digital photos on 100% recycled cardboard and shipping them directly to your home in any country.

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