1. Langhe
  2. Barolo
  3. Barbaresco
  4. Roero
  5. Acquese and Ovadese
  6. Gavi and Tortonese
  7. Asti and Moscato
  8. Monferrato
  9. Torinese
  10. Alto Piemonte

A Podcast to Answer the Question, "Why Italy?"

I recently did a podcast with Paolo of – a blog by this Italian expat living in Canada that details the differences between authentic Italian food and the heinous mistakes found on menus like “quatro fromaggi.” 

I met Paolo at the Turin Epicurean Capital event held in September. The event, created and hosted by Lucia Hannau of, gathered food and wine bloggers, writers, and lovers from all over the globe for a 3-day series of round table discussions. 2014 was the first edition; we all found the discussions so interesting and the connections so valuable that the second edition will be held in July 2015.

Paolo and I began talking about expat life at the Turin cat cafè MiaGola, and realized we had much in common, even though we had practically done a country swap. He was intrigued to find an American expat in Italy – saying that most Italians dream of going across to America – while I said just the opposite, citing how often people assume I must be living a life of constant vacation (I will admit to enjoying constant good food and wine).

Expat - Photo from

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, and no one knows this better than an expatriate. Because it is also true that, once you’re living in your adopted country, you also clearly see all the things you had taken for granted in your home country. And yet, moving back, it would never be the same again. The ideal solution would be great to mash up both countries’ Best Of features and create a special island in the Atlantic.

→ Thoughts on the Table - 29 - Introducing Diana Zahuranec, Journalist and Italy Enthusiast

In the podcast, Paolo asks me about why I chose Italy and how I ended up here, working in Piemonte for Wine Pass. These are all the questions that Italians ask me the moment they hear my accent, so from now on I’ll just direct them right here.

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Diana Zahuranec

I love Piemonte’s food and wine, the city of Turin, and my proximity to the Alps! My goal and challenge is to see as much of the region as possible using public transportation, but if you have a car I’d appreciate the ride. My intro to wine was at the Univ. of Gastronomic Sciences, and I love visiting family wineries, plus discovering Piemonte's craft beer scene. I’m hard-pressed to choose a favorite wine, but Nebbiolo never disappoints (from Barbaresco to Ghemme). As for beer, the Birrificio San Michele makes an incredible beechwood smoked brew.

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