Bel Piemonte

A big dose of inspiration and knowledge about Piedmont. This is a blog by Monika Nowak-Talevi


Mondovì: Between Liguria and Piedmont

Art, culture, a charming Old Town, cozy restaurants and wherever you look, wonderful views. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of colorful buildings, faded frescoes decorating buildings, flowers in windows or maybe numerous little shops full of regional products and lovely smelling sweets, but the truth is I fell…
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Demarie: Treasures of the Roero

It’s Thursday afternoon. Heavy, dark clouds are gathering in the sky and a rumble announces coming thunder. This day I have an appointment in the Demarie Giovanni vineyard in the Roero area, on the left bank of the Tanaro river bordering with the Langhe in Piedmont.
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