Regional Enoteca della Serra Moves from Roppolo to the Ricetto di Candelo

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Ricetto di Candelo Ricetto di Candelo

On Sunday, June 21, 2015 the Regional Enoteca della Serra will move its headquarters from the Castle of Roppolo, where it has been located for 34 years, to the medieval Ricetto di Candelo. 

The name Ricetto derives from the Latin receptum (shelter, refuge) and indicates a defended place, enclosed by fortifications. Candelo is an important touristic and cultural center of Biella in Alto Piemonte. Its Ricetto is a walled, medieval town from the 13th to 14th centuries, unique in Europe for its excellent state of conservation and nationally certified by the ANCI as among the most beautiful in Italy. It was used by the inhabitants of Candelo hundreds of years ago for storing agricultural crops and products during peacetime and as a shelter in times of war or danger.

The Ricetto has a pentagonal plan, with a perimeter of about 470 meters, and is located 83 km from Turin and 104 km from Milan. 

Visitors will be able to taste wine and purchase high quality wines from the Alto Piemonte wine territory at the Ricetto. The opening date of the new seat of the Enoteca will be announced soon.


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Ricetto di Candelo

Ricetta di Candelo

Cover photo from AlessandroCreative Commons


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