Boca is a town for the wine adventurist. This northern village in the province of Novara, population 1,195, is not a tourist destination in itself unless you’re a wine seeker or, perhaps, a pilgrim. Instead, its red Boca wine, certified DOC in 1969, is the town's principal attraction.



In the words of Mario Soldati, a passionate wine and food lover, writer, scenographer, director, and symbolic figure of 20th century Italy, we find the most candid description of Gattinara. Soldati arrived in Gattinara in the 1950s, a traveler in search of the heart and souls of places he visited. In his short essay “A Sip of Gattinara” ("Un sorso di Gattinara"), he celebrates the region's red wine that has always been the pride of this town.


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