Official Presentation of Barolo 2011 at the Regional Enoteca of Barolo with Alessandro Masnaghetti

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Enoteca del Barolo Enoteca del Barolo

The new Barolo 2011 vintage will be officially presented at the Regional Enoteca of Barolo on Sunday, June 7. Guest of honor is journalist and renowned wine cartographer Alessandro Masnaghetti. 

The annual and official presentation of the newest Barolo vintage - this year is 2011 - will be held on Sunday, June 7 at the Regional Enoteca of Barolo. The event, traditionally called "Un'Annata alla Vostra Attenzione," will present this vintage to journalists and the public alike. All producers who have made their Barolo 2011 available will be represented. This year, the guest of honor is expert wine journalist Alessandro Masnaghetti, who Wine Spectator defined as "Italy's vineyard maestro" last year. 


The Official Selection of Barolo 2011 by the Regional Enoteca of Barolo

Every year, the Technical Committee of the Enoteca has the difficult task of choosing the "Official Selection" of Barolo to be used throughout that year at events and tastings. This year, they sampled 21 Barolo 2011 wines that were selected for the occasion, and blindly evaluated them to choose the most representative of the vintage. The wine will be labeled with an artistic label so as to remain anonymous. 

President of the Regional Enoteca of Barolo Federico Scarzello says, "The Technical Committee has a central role in choosing the Official Selection, and also in the admissions tastings and quality controls that are at the base of every Regional Enoteca. The work of our committee and expert tasters has been, as always, priceless, and so we would like to thank (in alphabetical order) Giovanni Bressano, Gianluca Colombo, Armando Cordero, Luca Faccenda, and Giancarlo Germano, who did an excellent job at evaluating the extraordinary quality of these wines. In this occasion, the quality was decidedly higher than average compared to other years. This is because of weather and climate conditions of 2011, but also to the increased skill and care that producers give to their vineyards and work in the cellars." 


Now that the Institutional Barolo has been chosen and archived, the artistic label that will dress the bottle is already ready. "After artists suchs as Beverly Pepper, Park Eun Sun, Mikhail Shemyakin, Kyoji Nagatani, Joe Tilson and Ezio Gribaudo," continues Scarzello, "the Chinese artist Zhang Hong Mei is creating a label that is feminine, delicate, and evocative at the same time."


The Event and Tasting

The presentation of Barolo 2011 will be officially inaugurated on Sunday morning, June 7 at 11:00 am at the "Temple of the Wine Tourist" inside the Falletti Castle of Barolo (where the Enoteca is located). This year, journalists Sergio Miravalle and Giancarlo Montaldo will present the wine alongside Alessandro Masnaghetti and his newly-published volume "Barolo MGA: l'Enciclopedia delle Grandi Vigne del Barolo.” The Official Selection of Barolo 2011 will be guided, as always, by enologist Armando Cordero.

Then, a fabulous tasting room with dozens upon dozens of Barolo 2011 bottles will be ready for visitors in the Regional Enoteca of Barolo (tickets may be purchased at the desk):

- Sunday, June 7, 2015: from 2:30 pm-6:30 pm

- Monday to Saturday, June 8-13, 2015: from 10:00 am-6:00 pm

President Scarzello says, "As in years past, we have another very important guest in the world of wine, whose professionalism and passion for wine contribute to the prestige that Barolo enjoys worldwide. After World Sommelier Champion 2010 Luca Gardini, wine writer and internationally acclaimed Italian wine critic Ian D'Agata, the Queen of the Master of Wine Jancis Robinson, and Italian correspondant for The Wine Advocate Monica Larner, this year we return to Italy with Alessandro Masnaghetti. His research and detailed work documenting the great vineyards of Italy and particularly Barolo have been a great contribution to the wine world."

As for the 2011 vintage, Scarzello says, "This year it will be particularly interesting to taste the different wines, because 2011 was a year of extraordinary elegance. The 2011 Barolo is less muscular, but extremely expressive, the result of a hot summer that favored partial maturation. The presentation will not disappoint fine wine lovers who eagerly await the newest vintage of this king of wines that comes from our hills. This year, there is another reason to appreciate Barolo: Since last June, our vineyards have joined the 50th UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy. It celebrates the work of generations of viticulturalists and farmers that have made excellence the rule."

In just a few days, the wines to be tasted will be available and published on the Enoteca's Facebook and Twitter accounts and on their website. 


Enoteca Regionale del Barolo
dal giovedì al martedì: h. 10,00 – 18,30 (mercoledì chiuso)
Piazza Falletti, 1 – 12060 Barolo (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 56277
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Twitter: @Barolo_enoreg


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June 7, 2015. Regional Enoteca of Barolo, Piazza Falletti, 1 – 12060 Barolo (CN)

Cover photo from Taz, Creative Commons


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