1. Langhe
  2. Barolo
  3. Barbaresco
  4. Roero
  5. Acquese e Ovadese
  6. Gavi e Tortonese
  7. Asti e Moscato
  8. Monferrato
  9. Torinese
  10. Alto Piemonte


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Hot, very hot. Thirty degrees Celsius, burning sun and only a light breeze gives some relief from merciless heat. The summertime has come for good in the Langhe.

Maturing grapes, flourishing pots, undulating green hills, tourists slowly drinking wines in local wineries and central Alba’s squares that invite you to dance in hot evenings. Living here you cannot resist the atmosphere of holidays and fall in love again and again with its surrounding landscapes, friendly people, tiny towns and amazing food. Anyway, let’s have a look on some of my photos from Neive and Barbaresco.

BarbarescoBarbaresco - the main street

BarbarescoBarbaresco - the church and medieval tower

BarbarescoBarbaresco - the palace that is the headquarters of Gaja

Barbaresco - one of the many wine shops

On the road between Neive and Barbaresco

Neive - the entrance to the town

Neive- the orologio (clock) tower

Neive - Ristorante della Contea

Neive - a relaxing afternoon with a glass of wine


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Monika Nowak

I’m Polish blogger and freelance journalist tasting “la dolce vita” by traveling around Piedmont. As Italia is my passion since the childhood I’m happy having the chance to discover  the kingdom of  great cuisine and probably the best wines in the world, but also charming little towns and interesting history. My blog  Bel Piemonte (available also in Polish and in Italian) was born to show the beauty of this region and to encourage others to discover this part of the Apennine Peninsula. 

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