1. Langhe
  2. Barolo
  3. Barbaresco
  4. Roero
  5. Acquese e Ovadese
  6. Gavi e Tortonese
  7. Asti e Moscato
  8. Monferrato
  9. Torinese
  10. Alto Piemonte

The Entire Pizza

Because that's how Italians do it! - An American in Italy

A blog by Diana Zahuranec


What's in a "Wine Person?"

A Nebbiolo wine tasting at Cantina Torino shows what it means to be a wine person. I always thought I was more of a "beer person" than a wine person. Perhaps coming of age in the U.S. at a time when artisan beer was (and is) sky-rocketing combined with prohibitive…
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Turin is not a very nice city

A reaction (not quite knee-jerk) to an eavesdropped comment about one of my favorite cities. I travel by train quite a lot through Italy. They're always full of people talking, and I discovered I can easily tune out conversation even if they're loud teenagers, because it's in Italian. I realized…
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Why "The Entire Pizza?"

The Entire Pizza is about Italian food, my enthusiastic introduction to Italian wines, travel, and Italian culture. Why is it called "The Entire Pizza?" It represents the meaning of truly understanding a culture through its food, doing as that tired axiom "when in Rome..." suggests you do.
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